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Central sleep apnea v obstructive sleep apnea: How to tell the difference and how to…

Central sleep apnea is less common than obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). It is thought to affect around 0.9% of the over 40 population in the US. Nonetheless, it can be just as dangerous as OSA and as…

Multi-night home sleep testing: Why is it important in the diagnosis of sleep apnea?

Traditionally the pathway to apnea diagnosis has looked like this: a doctor will refer the patient to a sleep center where an in-clinic polysomnography will be performed. An overnight stay for the…

Hosting your health data at Sunrise: Where? When? How?

Today, it is impossible to ignore the protection of personal data when you are a company that uses the Internet. Our users deserve to have their information in a safe place, especially when it…

Why Sleep Breathing Matters?

Sleep breathing simply refers to the physiological function of breathing which occurs during our sleep at night.

Sunrise is a medical device available on prescription. Contact us.

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Sunrise is a medical device available on prescription.