Excellentperformance goes along with ease of use.

A small dose of rocketgscience wrapped with simplicity.

Simplicity for the patient and provider.

the patient and provider.

  • Single point of contact 
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • App guides patient through simple procedure
  • Multi-night capability
  • A comprehensive automated report available within minutes and editable
  • Recyclable with pre-paid, addressed envelope
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We take
privacyxvery seriously.

Sunrise collects data in compliance with applicable laws and regulations,
and applies policies to ensure your personal information is kept confidential and protected.
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Integration workflow
made superbeasy.

  • Secured access to all sleep studies in the Sunrise portal
  • Compatible with sleep middlewares you use today
  • Results available within minutes of study completion
Sunrise is a medical device available on prescription. Contact us.

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Sunrise is a medical device available on prescription.