Research Assessment MJM home PSG

15 March 2022

A study by Dr. Julia Kelly et al. recently published in Frontiers evaluated the use of Sunrise using MJM for the diagnosis of OSA in real world conditions.

40 patients underwent single overnight in-home PSG and simultaneous MJM recordings using Sunrise.

PSG recordings were manually and independently scored by 2 expert sleep centers (Imperial College London and Grenoble Alpes University Hospital) in accordance with the recommended criteria established by the AASM in 2012.

Agreement between PSG and Sunrise assessed using interclass correlation coefficient and Bland-Altman plot comparing PSG-ORDI and Sunrise-ORDI. ROC curves were constructed to optimize the diagnostic performance of Sunrise at different PSG-ORDI thresholds (5, 15, and 30 events/hour).

The study concluded that the agreement between Sunrise-ORDI and average PSG-ORDI manually scored by two expert centers (CHU Grenoble Alpes and Imperial College London) was similar to the agreement for the scoring of PSG between the two independent sleep laboratories.

Read the study: