Sunrise Takes Over Dreem Health: The Future of Sleep Care is Here

February 22nd, 2024

Sunrise, a key player in sleep diagnostics, has acquired Dreem Health. Launched by sleep tech powerhouse Dreem, Dreem Health stands out for offering easy and covered access to sleep care through its telemedicine platform. By combining an innovative sleep clinic with advanced diagnostic capabilities, this acquisition is set to change the narrative for millions suffering from sleep disorders.

"Ensuring everyone has access to sleep medicine means moving past diagnosis, to reshape the entire patient experience” says Laurent Martinot, CEO of Sunrise. “While the conversation around sleep health is growing, there's been a shortage of practical, tech-driven solutions. Combining Sunrise’s technologies with Dreem Health’s telemedicine platform makes this possible. It offers accessible tools for diagnosis and treatment to everyone, no matter where they are. For our team, that's what it's all about—being there for our patients every step of the way”.

With this acquisition, Sunrise strengthens its U.S. presence. Based in California, Dreem Health's partnerships with top insurers like Aetna and United Healthcare ensure convenient, insured care. Alongside Sunrise's FDA-approved technologies, this integration grants both patients and healthcare providers access to the newest technological advancements, improving health outcomes significantly.

Sunrise and Dreem Health — this union is a notable step forward in the field of sleep health. By combining their expertise and technologies with a shared vision, they're unlocking huge potential. One that promises a comprehensive, integrated, and above all, effective approach to addressing the plague of sleep disorders.

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